Water Quality


How to Improve Discolored Water Conditions:
In order to improve discolored water problems, slowly flow water through the water pipes in the house. This can best be accomplished by turning on a faucet and flow approximately 16 ounces per minute through the faucet. This flow rate can be determined by adjusting the faucet until a 16 ounce cup is filled in 60 seconds. When this process is first begun, turn a faucet on as far away from the meter as possible and leave this faucet on for 48 hours. If the discolored water remains, continue flowing water. If there is discolored water in other areas of the home, flow water in faucets in those affected areas for another 48 hours. After sufficient flowing (possibly days or a week), the water discoloration should be resolved. If after a week of proper flowing discolored water is still present, please contact the water department for further investigation.