Utility Department

The Utility Department maintains the City’s water and sewer lines. In addition, the Utility department installs new water and sewer lines to provide service and fire protection to newly annexed areas. The personnel of the department are on call 24 hours daily to complete repairs to water and sewer lines.

The Dye Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on Golf Course Road, treats all wastewater from the City and maintains the City’s wells and pumping stations

Persons wishing to setup water and sewer service can do so by paying a deposit and completing a new service form at the billing department located at City Hall. Meters are billed on a monthly basis. Bills can be paid by US mail, automatic draft or in person at City Hall. A drop box is available for after hours payments.


Please Call (205) 338-2244

Sewer Problems

Please Call (205) 338-3886 during Normal Business Hours After Hours Please Call (205) 365-5509