Mobile App Information



The City has a published Map Gallery that can be accessed via the Arc Gis Mobile App.  Please follow instructions below for download.

Description: Topo Graphic Map and Garbage Pick-up Map is presently posted, Zoning and Council District Map to be published soon.







It works with your GPS on your phone or iPad, turn on and off layers, measure and more!   3 easy steps…
1) Download & install the Arcgis for Mobile App for your Smart Phone, iPhone, iPad or Tablet PC

2) Open the App, go into Gallery and search for “PellCityAL“., Choose a map from the gallery

3) Save in My Favorites!

ADEM Map Links
Active Underground sites.
This page has Unauthorized Dumps and Scrap Tire Sites from ADEM.  Also,
I added Alabama House and Senate Districts.  You can click on any of the
sites or districts and get a pop-up box.  The House and Senate ones have
a place to click to take you to there web page.
This page has a variety of water data.  Take a look and explore.
You can click on any water feature or HUC and get a pop-up box.
This page allows the user to type in a lat and lon and click
the Locate Using Coordinates button to return a list of stuff
based on the location that they typed into the boxes.
This page allows the user to click on any county to get the
Brownfields Sites for that county.  You can mouse over the
site and the corresponding record in the grid will be highlighted