Meet our Staff

The Pell City Parks and Recreation Department is as diverse as the community it  serves. As in so many other aspects of life, the key to running a successful department is having the ablility to strike a balance betwen young and old, tradition and innovation, and the needs of one versus the needs of many. Our employees continually strive to honor the past while embracing the challenges of the future, and to serve an entire community while maintaining meaningful connections with individual participants.


Position Name Email
Department Director Bubba Edge
Civic Center Coordinator Ashley Thomas
Maintenance Supervisor Steven Powell
Athletic Director Elliot Jacobik
Senior Center Coordinator Kristin Copeland
Tennis Center Coordinator Sarah Stewart
Athletic Assistant Ericka Young
Athletic Assistant Joseph Morrow
Athletic Assistant Wes Myers
 Part Time Athletic  Taylor Gurley
Tennis Center Assistant Kara Wynn
Tennis Center Maintenance Bronson Tucker
Senior Center Assistant Tonya Walker
Custodian Marlon Bowie
Maintenance Chase Shipley
Maintenance John Roberson
Maintenance Reggie Ford
Maintenance Shawn Wood
Maintenance Robert Bolden
PT Maintenance Randy Wright
PT Maintenance Jon Sweet
PT Maintenance Process of Hiring
PT Office Staff Jack Hayes
PT Office Staff Cory Truss
Pt Office Staff Process of Hiring