Fire and Rescue Department

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 Pell City Fire Department

“Service with Pride”

3040 Cogswell Avenue

Pell City, Alabama 35125


Who We Are:

Pell City Fire Department is here to protect the lives and property of its residents as well as visitors. The department strives to advance public safety through its fire prevention and educational programs. The ability to deliver these services enables us to make significant contributions to the safety of the citizens of Pell City. We will always be here to answer the call.

Our Department:

Pell City Fire & Rescue Service has 36 full-time and 13 part-time firefighters and fire-medics serving 16,000 people in its jurisdiction covering approximately 27.33 square miles.  Pell City has 4 fire stations and each station is staffed around the clock, every day of the year. The service has 2 ALS Engine Companies, 2 ALS Rescue Trucks, 1 BLS Engine Company, 1 BLS Command Vehicle, 1- 100ft Aerial Platform, 1 Breathing Air Transport Unit, 1 Fire Rescue Boat, 1 Reserve Pumper, 1 Haz-mat & Trench Rescue Special Unit, and 2 ATV’s.

Pell City Fire & Rescue Contacts:



 Fire Chief Mike Burdette –


 Asst. Chief Shaun

Training Division

Training Officer Jeff

Shift Personnel

Batt. Chief Larry Horton – (A Shift)

Batt. Chief J. Harris – (B Shift)

Batt. Chief T. Kurzejeski– (C Shift)

Captain (Station 2) K. Wolfe – (C Shift)
Captain (Station 3) T. White (A Shift)
Captain (Station 4) R. Kneip – (B Shift)

Lieutenant J. Vaughan – (A Shift)
Lieutenant A. Simpson – (B Shift)
Lieutenant (EMS Officer) J. Rogers (C Shift)


 Pell City Fire Department Facebook Page